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Dome of the Rock


Offer a window into Jewish life past and present celebrating more than 3000 years of Jewish Heritage in their homeland of Israel.

For all strands of the Christian faith, an emotional and exciting experience, enriching your faith and bringing the Bible to life.

Israel Christian Tours

“Open thine eyes and thou shalt see ……" 


An emotional and truly moving experience for our visitors of the Christian and Catholic faith a visit to the land of Jesus, the Holy land. Come and see where Jesus walked and preached. Visit all the major Christian landmarks, Caesarea,  Meggido and Tiberias on the coast of the Sea of Galilee the most famous lake in the bible.



Israel Jewish heritage tour

For visitors of the Jewish faith, a tour through Israel is a truly wonderful and uplifting experience and one never to be forgotten. The Jewish heritage tour offers a unique look into the glorious and fascinating past and present of Jewish life.

Visit the Galilee, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Eilat. Whether you travel with your family, a private tour or Bar/Bat Mitzvah, this visit will leave you with memories to treasure forever.

The Galilee

The green hills of the Galilee sloping down to the most famous lake in the bible have become one of the most important sites for all the visitor.

Every Empire has left the mark of its cities, forts, and temples from the Romans, Greeks and the time of the Ottoman Empire.

Offer a window into a life past and present. An emotional and exciting experience, enriching your faith and bringing the Bible to life.

Tel Aviv and the Israel coastline

Tel Aviv is Israel's largest, busiest and biggest commercial center, the city that never sleeps is what you'll hear over and over again when people describe Tel Aviv. Situated on a small strip of the Mediterranean Sea, with it's beautiful sandy beaches, great restaurants, shopping mall's , exotic markets and fantastic nightlife, Tel Aviv inspires its visitors with a unique atmosphere of energy and fun. also know as The White City, as a World Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO.

The Dead Sea

Floating on the Dead Sea, thanks to it's unique natural elements is a must when visiting Israel.

The Dead Sea is one of the true natural wonders and is currently in the running as one of the "New natural wonders of the world".

This small body of water lies at the lowest location on earth some 400 meters below sea level.

Come and enjoy the wonderful healing properties of the rich mineral mud and a float on the Dead Sea, guaranteed to work wonders on the body and soul!

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