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Review from Vanessa L Williams who traveled with me on July 7th – 14th  as a guest of the Prime Minister's Office and the Ministry of Tourism.


"Ron Harari is the perfect combination for all of your tour guiding need while traveling the amazing history of Israel. He's informative, relaxed, fearless and incredibly resourceful when it comes to incorporating your desired destinations into a busy schedule. Ron translates the language fluently and even helped to arrange a shipment of body butter from a Dead Sea spa to be delivered to my home in New York after I returned stateside and desperately needed more!  My family was shown ancient sights that many were inaccessible to many, heard many different cultural perspectives that informed us and experienced the amazing religious history of the region. The natural beauty of the Country and its people were the stars and Ron always made us feel safe and at ease.


We climbed Masada, floated in the Dead Sea, stayed at an eco-friendly resort, dined at the King David hotel, walked the stations of the cross, waded in the River Jordan, shared chabad dinner and so much more.  Ron's the best!  We can't wait to return to Israel and explore all the places we couldn't get to on our first trip. A+"

Hi Ron, I am writing on behalf of myself and my wife to thank you for an incredibly good 9 days in Israel. You were the perfect guide (and driver) for us, patient, full of knowledge, willing to be very flexible to accommodate our requests and, most of all, because of the fact we could rely on you and we did not have to worry about time, the hours passed unbelievably easily and pleasantly, without worries or cares. I honestly have not had a holiday previously where I was so carefree as I was with you. Thank you!


The breadth of experiences with you, from Jerusalem to the Golan Heights, from a wonderful 4-h hike in Wadi Qelt to Jericho, Bethlehem, Caesarea, Akko, Safed, Nazareth, the Dead Sea, Masada, the desert, and more, were and are simply breathtaking as we look back on them. You kept us entertained and informed. You were the perfect companion. It was magical! Thank you again!


You are more than welcome to use this e-mail as a testimonial as Lori and I would recommend you without reservation to anyone interested in the best possible guided tour of Israel. We would be pleased to provide them with further information (all positive, very positive) on request.


All the very best for the future. Please keep in touch.


Warmest regards, Peter and Lori


Peter Chapman (PhD) | Principal / Senior Environmental Scientist | Golder Associates Ltd.


Hi Ron,


Many months ago, when Pope Francis was in Israel, you guided us through so many sites for IMOT. I have not forgotten you! It was a formative trip for me—a new reference point. You are such a skillful guide. I am forever grateful for the experience, and especially for the privilege of being in such fine hands as yours while in Israel. You never lost your cool, even with some difficult tourists.


We published an article, back in August, about the papal visit. Now, in December, I have a second article, this written with my rabbi friend, about the visit to Yad Veshem. I’d like for you to see these pieces, especially the most recent one. We have a digital subscription that I could offer at no charge for a few months that could provide access to for you, if you can access it (via any web browser at If that doesn’t work, for you, I can mail a print copy if you send me a postal address. Let me know and I can set this up.



John Feister

Editor in Chief, St. Anthony Messenger, Periodicals


Franciscan Media

(formerly St. Anthony Messenger Press)

28 W. Liberty Street 

Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-6498

Guiding licence, Specialzing in Bible and Christianity tours
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