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Christian Tours

One week through Israel


Day 1 - Tel Aviv & the cost line.

Drive to Old Jaffa, the vibrant old port city next to modern Tel Aviv; Visit the old city and walk along the restored artist’s quarter filled with galleries, studios, wonderful shops, and fine art. Visit St. Peters church, dedicated to st. Peter’s conversion of gentiles.

At the church of the holy sepulchre

Drive around the main streets of Tel Aviv the center of business and entertainment in Israel with its wide variety of theatres and galleries. Stop at Rabin’s Square where the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin took place.

Depart Tel Aviv and drive north along the coastal plain to Caesarea to see the crusader fortress and roman theater. Continue to Megiddo identified as the site of Armageddon. Visit the archaeological excavations at Megiddo, King Solomon gate, and the well-preserved water supply system.

Continuing the day and drive to the beautiful port city of Haifa nestled on the Mediterranean Sea for a panoramic view from Mt. Carmel. Visit the world famous Persian Baha’i Gardens.


Days 2-3 - The Galilee.

Our day starts in Acre, walk along the old harbor and visit the local market. Then drive to visit the famous Nazareth city of Jesus’ childhood where we will visit the church of Annunciation. A short drive from Nazareth leads us to the village of Cana where Jesus performed his first miracle turning water into wine. Heading towards the Sea of Galilee, the most famous sea in the bible.

at the Sea of the Galilee

Visit Tabgha on the Sea of Galilee’s most northern shore, where we find the Church of the Multiplication of Loaves and Fishes. This is also where Jesus appeared to his disciples after his resurrection.

Drive to the Mount of Beatitude where Jesus delivered his sermon on the mount. Next visit Capernaum the town of Jesus Christ and St. Peters house.

Travelling for the rest of the day around the stunning Sea of Galilee and visiting Yardenit the baptismal sites of the Jordan River. Concluding our day we will travel the scenic route via Mount Tabor, the site of transfiguration.


Day 4 - Masada & the Dead Sea.

Starting our day visiting Masada. We will take a cable car ride and ascend Masada where we walk amongst the ruins of the great fort built by King Herod.

Descending by cable car we will continue to the Dead Sea one of the world’s true natural wonders currently in the running as one of the worlds “New natural wonders”.

Floating in the Dead Sea, thanks to its unique natural elements, is a must when visiting Israel and is one of our most popular destinations. Come and enjoy the rich mineral mud and use the spa facilities. Relax, chill out and have a float in the salty Dead Sea, guaranteed to work wonders on the body and soul!!


Day 5-7 – Jerusalem.

Begin the day with a panoramic view from the Mount of Olives, Overlooking the walls of the old city and the ancient Jewish cemetery. Visit the Church of All Nations which was once called “The Basilica of the Agony”. See the Garden of Gethsemane. Proceed to Mount Zion to see the Tomb of King David and the nearby Room of the Last SupperNext, we enter the Old City to begin exploring the wondrous city of Jerusalem. Walk through the Roman Cardo, one of two main streets. View the Temple Mount and the Western Wall (Wailing Wall).

Walk along the Via Dolorosa (Latin: ‘way of sorrow’), the traditional pilgrimage route in Jerusalem commemorating Jesus’ journey carrying the cross to Golgotha. Continue to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher the holiest Christian site in Jerusalem and Israel.

No visit to Jerusalem is complete without a walk through the Arab bazaar “Suk” interesting and full of color. Optional to end the day by visiting the Garden Tomb.

Next a visit to the Israel Museum Israel’s finest and most extensive museum. See the new Holy Land model - a small scale representation of Jerusalem as it was during the second temple period. Next, the Shrine of the book, in which the Dead Sea scrolls were first discovered. Continue to Yad Vashem, "And to them will I give in my house and within my walls a memorial and a name ( "Yad Vashem")... that shall not be cut off." (Isaiah, chapter 56, verse 5) Israel’s official memorial and museum dedicated to the victims of the Holocaust.  Travelling on to Ein Karem and a visit to a Spanish style church which commemorates the birthplace of John the Baptist. See Mary’s well where Mother Mary met her cousin Elizabeth. Proceed to *Bethlehem the birthplace of Jesus Christ and visit the Church of the Nativity. End tour


*Bethlehem is under Palestinian Authority jurisdiction. In some circumstances, entry will not be permitted so alternate sites will be visited.

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