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 Day tours from Ashdod & Haifa

From Ashdod Port

All the tours are my suggested tours. Other sites of interest can also be visited or combined with the day tour.

Church of Agony  - Gethsemane
Jerusalem &
Bethlehem / Dead Sea

Visit a number of the most sacred sites in the Holy Land. View the Western Wall and the Garden of Gethsemane. Walk the Via Dolorosa to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and tour the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem OR You also have the option to visit the lowest place on earth and experience the unique feeling of 'floating' in the curative waters of the Dead Sea. ** This tour is not offered by the cruise ships because it is difficult to do with 50 other tourists on a big bus.

The Dead Sea -419
Masada & Dead Sea


Masada – meaning fortress in Hebrew, the last strong hold of the zealots in their war against the Roman Empire, explore the ruins of Herod's Palace which have been fully restored to their full glory.

Floating on the Dead Sea, thanks to its unique natural elements is a must when visiting Israel. Come and enjoy the wonderful healing properties of the rich mineral mud and a float on the Dead Sea, guaranteed to work wonders on the mind body and soul !!!

Suzanne Dellal center Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv & old Jaffa


Jaffa - The oldest port in the world!. This beautiful city has always been the entry to the ancient land of Israel and is today a bustling, beautiful area. Stunning stone buildings, narrow winding alleys, a fisherman's port, an artist's quarter, cafes, restaurants, and shops. In Jaffa, there are churches and mosques and in the center of the activity is the famous landmark. Drive to Carmel Market and walk down the busy street,  with its colorful stalls selling fruit and vegetables, flowers, fresh fish, and clothing. Drive along the coastal road and return to the ship.

From Haifa Port - Or just tell me where you would like to go.

Private tour to the Church of the Primac
The Sea of Galilee & Nazareth Cristian focused itinerary

The green hills of the Galilee sloping down to the most famous lake in the bible have become one of the most important pilgrimage sites for the Christian visitor.

Every Empire has left the mark of it's cities, forts and temples from the Romans, Greeks and the time of the Ottoman Empire.

The beauty of this region has the power to move Christian visitors. Someone once wrote "You don't have to close your eyes to picture Jesus here – you have to open them".

Caesarea - Private tour gude
Haifa, Acre & Caesarea

Caesarea impressive ruins lie on the Mediterranean coast. An ancient city and harbor, built by Herod the Great, it is a breathtaking archaeological park; Roman

Theater and Crusader City, Hippodrome.

Acre, a UNESCO World Heritage site, the ancient Crusader port whose existence dates back almost 5000 years. It is the world's only preserved Crusader city.


Kids in Tzfat - Private tour Guide
Acre, Safed & Haifa

Jewish-focused itinerary

Acre today is a UNESCO World Heritage site. This city offers an exciting journey back in time to the crusader era and is home to a mosque, Christian monastery, Turkish Baths, archeological sites and the halls constructed by the Hospitelar knights. Visit the holy city of Safed,this romantic city with its narrow streets and ancient synagogues. The rustic old buildings and houses with their arched roofs clearly identifies this city with its mysterious past. Visit the Ha’ari synagogue and stroll around the Artist’s Quarter and see the galleries of painters and sculptors.

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