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Galilee – The Jewish Tour

Visit the holy city of Safed, in the upper Galilee. This romantic city with its narrow streets and passages, cobblestone lanes and ancient synagogues. The rustic old buildings and houses with their arched roofs clearly identifies this city with it’s mysterious past. Visit the Joseph Caro and the Ha’ari synagogues, the most important synagogues in the city and center of the Kabala movement. Stroll around the Artist’s Quarter and see the galleries of painters and sculptors.

Kids in Tzfat - Private tour Guide

Enjoy a Jeep tour to the foot of the Golan or visit Katzrin the ancient Jewish farming Village. This village was built around a spring which still flows today despite the lack of rainfall in the area. Although there were standing ruins on the site, archaeological excavations have increased the number of accessible ancient buildings. Continue to the observation point over looking the town of Kuneitra and the Syrian territory. Stop at Tel Faher, the former site of a Syrian army camp. Visit the Tel Dan Nature Reserve the largest of four sources of the Jordan River. See the Middle Bronze mud brick gate built about 1800 B.C perhaps the earliest constructed arch ever discovered. This is the area of discovery of the Dan Inscription which mentions the “House of David”. We will see evidence of a four-horned altar which has been found as well as religious objects such a small horned altar, an iron incense holder, and three iron shovels.

Travelling on to Tel-Hai to view the “Roaring Lion” Monument and hear the story of the heroic battle of Josef Trumpeldor and his comrades in 1920.

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