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Tours From Eilat- Jeep Safaris

Ultimate Desert Adventure

The jeep safaris are specially designed to show the visitors to Eilat the beauty of the desert landscape. The safaris are very popular and most certainly give the visitor a chance to go off the beaten track to places quite inaccessible other than by jeep.

Jeep in Timna Valley
Timna Valley

The Best Routs

I have selected the best routes for your enjoyment including the most famous and beautiful nature sites such as the Timna Valley, Solomon Pillars, Eilat Mountains and the Red Canyon.

Eilat Mountains and the Red Canyon
Eilat Mountains and the Red Canyon

Ron Land Rover Defenders Jeep in Eilat Mountains
Eilat Mountains Tour

Our jeeps are Land Rover Defenders; The seats are for up to eight passengers plus the driver and are designed for maximum comfort.

The jeep safaris are operated in English but other languages are available on request.

Please wear clothing suitable for a jeep safari; closed comfortable shoes and a sweater and coat in winter months.



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