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Masada & The Dead Sea

Ron the Guide offers you the chance to travel overland and air-conditioned through the Dead Sea Valley to King Herod's ancient fortress atop Masada. We will take a cable car ride and ascend Masada where we walk amongst the ruins of the great fort and explore Herod's palace, the bathhouse, still complete ancient water cisterns and hear the dramatic and heroic story of Masada.

Cable Car, Masada

Marvel at the glittering beauty of the Dead Sea from the natural vantage point the mountain offers.

Descending by cable car, we will continue to the Dead Sea one of the world’s true natural wonders.


Floating in the Dead Sea
Dead Sea
Dead Sea mineral mud
Dead Sea

Floating in the Dead Sea, thanks to its unique natural elements, is a "must" when visiting Israel and is one of our most popular destinations. This small body of water lies at the lowest location on Earth 400 Meters below sea level. Today doctors often prescribe a visit to the Dead Sea for patients with skin ailments and breathing problems. Queen of Sheba and Cleopatra were said to be great fans of the Dead Sea in the past.

Come, enjoy the rich mineral mud, and use the spa facilities. Relax, chill out and have a float in the salty Dead Sea, guaranteed to work wonders on the body and soul!


Eilat and the Negev desert

Eilat, where the sun shines 365 days per year. Israel's most southern town. In Eilat, we have the desert AND the sea. Take an exciting Jeep Safari to the Red Canyon, Timna Park or Chai bar nature reserve the beauty of the desert and surrounding mountainous region will amaze you and take your breath away. We can take you to "Mount Yoash" observation point where you will see "The Triangle" on the Gulf of the Red Sea overlooking the borders of Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Jeep tour in Eilat mountains
Eilat Mountains

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